New Titles

      • Now You!

        NOW YOU! is a four-level English Secondary course in full digital version which takes students from A1 to B1+ of the Common European Framework.

      • Open Day

        In Open Day, students learn to communicate confidently in English. At each level, students are accompanied by characters called Good Buddies. They appear in stories with animals that are or have been critically endangered. This contact with endangered species will inspire students to become balanced human beings who care about the world they live in.

      • Sign Up to English New Edition

        Sign Up to English New Edition is afully-updated and improved version of the best seller Sign Up to English, a four-level (in its full edition) or seven-level (in its split edition version) series specially designed for teenagers studying English as a foreign language. It takes learners from a beginner or false beginner to a pre-intermediate level.

      • Go International

        GO! International is a dynamic, 6-level series in full digital version for Primary that puts children first.The language, themes and contexts completely cover the Cambridge and Michigan Young Learners' exams syllabuses, while reflecting children’s lives, interests and aspirations.

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