English Print

Susan House and Katharine Scott

English Print is a highly motivating six-level course for primary school children. It focuses on the importance of providing learners with real information that they can relate to their own lives. The series includes inductive grammar and review sections that allow students to draw on what they already know, while cross-curricular elements keep them interested and motivated.


  • Levels: 6 levels (Elementary to Intermediate)
  • Ages: 6 to 11
  • Components:
    • Student’s Book + Student’s Cut-outs + Student’s story and song CD
    • Activity Book
    • Teacher's Guide + Class CDs
    • Posters


Key features:

  • English Print follows a well-structured, inductive grammar syllabus and at the same time incorporates the following tried and tested methods: The Communicative Approach, Task-based Learning, Learning through Literature and The Natural Aproach. At the same time, it has a very strong CLIL element, which is a key feature of the coursebook.
  • It offers a variety of fun and interactive activities, including games, songs, stories and hands-on projects which will promote students' creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • It includes a literacy element that develops students’ reading and writing skills through phonetics, reading strategies and process writing.
  • Authentic literature sections and extra activities for traditional festivals act as a springboard for natural and meaningful language learning.
  • It enriches students’ learning experience through relevant themes, real world knowledge and the reinforcement of universal values.
  • The Activity Book includes grammar and vocabulary reinforcement and the Cut-outs provide fun and interactive material for students to use in class.
  • The Teacher's Guide offers a wide range of extension activities for mixed-ability classes and traditional festivals, suggestions for developing critical thinking skills and universal values, includes cross-curricular activities and a project at the end of each unit and photocopiable assessment pages to enrich the course content.


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