Kids’ Web

Number of Levels: 5
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Authors: Paul Seligson

Kids' Web accompanies children in all phases of their intellectual development, attending to their individual characteristics and offering them the possibility of learning a foreign language in a significant, fun and entertaining way. A meaningful use of the language is one of the main features of the series, which relates the activities proposed in the classroom to the daily life of children in their social context and the real possibilities of application of the knowledge and skills acquired.

The Kids' Web series helps children:

evolve in a stimulating atmosphere all the time;

become capable of interpreting the overall meaning of a text without necessarily having understood the meaning of each and every single word;

become creative in the use of language;

develop an excellent imagination;

be exposed to a vast repertoire of information through varied sources;

learn in different ways;

crave dynamism in the classroom;

interact with the main character, Webby, through augmented reality.

Course Book with a built-in Activity Book and CD-ROM.

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