Reading Paths

Number of Levels: 6
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Reading Paths is a story-based series for primary school which can be used as a stand-alone programme or to complement any EFL course. It includes pages of reading comprehension exercises as well as worksheets to photocopy. The Teacher's Guide offers an extensive variety of reading comprehension skills, visual aids and Blackline Masters.

Reading lessons introduce the story with activities that develop oral language; frontload vocabulary of story; and pre-reading activities such as predictions.

Checking, Summarizing and Reflecting lessons provide opportunities for the development of oral fluency and reading comprehension.

Additional learning activities such as Meeting Individual Needs and Multiple Intelligences are included.

Activities in the Teacher's Book are divided according to proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Song lessons provide practice and development of oral fluency and phonemic awareness.

Student's Book.

Teacher's Guide.

Class Audio CDs.