Young Achievers

Number of Levels: 7
Scope & Sequence:
Sample Unit:


Authors: Sara Fash

Authors: Sarah Fash

Young Achievers is a seven-level course that will challenge and motivate. A blend of skills, a fast-paced grammar syllabus and phonics provides children with a strong foundation. This, combined with a cross-curricular and cultural focus, gives primary children all the confidence they need. Young Achievers aims to provide children with the support they need to achieve their language goals.


Emphasis on success and building confidence.

Communicative activities appear throughout each unit and give children the opportunity to use language purposefully.

Focus on production and fluency to promote communication.

Includes CLIL and Culture sections to give children a broader learning experience.

Suggestion on how to deal with diversity.

Student’s Book.

Activity Book with downloadable Audio Material.

Interactive Practice: The Young Achievers Games.

Teacher’s Book with Class CDs.

Teacher’s Resource Material.

Printable Flashcards and Word Cards.

Digital Book.