Popcorn Readers

The Popcorn Readers make reading fun by bringing instantly recognisable films and TV series into the classroom. Students will be motivated to read and most importantly to keep on reading! Illustrated throughout with full-colour graphics, the readers are designed to appeal to the new media-conscious generation of young language learners. Images on every page bring each story to life and are a valuable comprehension tool.

Inside Every Popcorn ELT Reader...

Meet... Introduction to the key characters before the start of every story.

Real world... Cross-curricular and cross-cultural information, linked to the topics or themes of the reader.

Puzzle time... A range of fun activities for different learning styles.

Imagine... and Chant Motivating drama and chanting activities.

Appropriate level of challenge.

Teacher's notes, audio and extra resources

Reader with Audio CD

Downloadable worksheets