Sign up to English

Number of Levels: 4
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Scope & Sequence:

Sign Up to English has been specially designed for teenagers studying English as a foreign language. Each lesson in this series provides real-life situations, engaging topics and contextualised activities to cater for the development and appropriation of the target language in a consistent and productive way. Sign up to English has a starter level for true beginners and as from level 1 both full and split editions are available.

Personalisation is a strong element in SIGN UP to ENGLISH: learners are given various opportunities to relate the contents of each lesson to their own experience.

Topics involving ethics, environmental issues, health, cultural diversity, education, work, technology, leisure activities and citizenship are used in reading texts, project work activities and thought-provoking discussions.

Grammar and vocabulary are presented in manageable chunks in every lesson and reviewed at the end of every unit.

Course Book with a built-in Workbook and Student's Interactive CD-ROM.

Teacher's Book with Class

Audio CD.

Teacher's Resource CD-ROM.