Number of Levels: 4
Scope & Sequence:
Sample Unit:


This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to use English at work, whatever their profession or level of seniority. It takes a thorough but light-hearted and non-executive approach to learning the language and is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students. Whatever the industry, whatever the job, @work will suit any employee. This is business outside the boardroom.

It teaches practical, get-the-job-done language.

@work is perfect for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work.

It is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students.

Takes a solid, upfront approach to grammar.

Flexible materials offer students and teachers choice over the length, depth and method of delivery of their course.

12-page email writing section per level.

Video modules: presentations, negotiations, socialising, communications and meetings.

Student's Book with PIN to access the @work Learning Platform.

Workbook with Audio CD

Teacher's Book

Class Audio CD