English ID introduces new language through authentic texts and audiovisual material, including actual YouTube videos and the engaging ID Café, a tailor-made sitcom-style video. With an amazing design, lots of interesting topics and opportunities for personalization in all levels, English ID will make your students progress faster and be able to express their own identity in English. English ID is a friendly course in every sense.

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This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to use English at work, whatever their profession or level of seniority. It takes a thorough but light-hearted and non-executive approach to learning the language and is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students. Whatever the industry, whatever the job, @work will suit any employee. This is business outside the boardroom.

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Just as a real lighthouse guides ships on their journeys, so the brand new six-level Lighthouse course aims to guide primary students through the sometimes rough seas of their journey to learn English. It seamlessly integrates modern language teaching practices with traditional classroom needs and helps students successfully navigate through the four skills to be able to use English in real life.

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Jungle Fun is a new two-level pre-primary course featuring the adventures of Tommy, Tina and Polly. With its eye-catching design and focus on movement, music and rhythm, it will ensure that English lessons are a stimulating, enjoyable experience for very young children. Traditional Stories Books available for both levels, with a selection of popular stories from the Anglo-Saxon world that will be known to the children in their own language.

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The Richmond Vocabulary Builders are two vocabulary books for teens, adults and young adults, for use at home or in class. Each book is divided into 50 easy-to-navigate double-page units which present and practise vocabulary in context and also help provide help with collocations and grammar patterns.

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Written by the highly respected author and trainer Jim Scrivener, Visual Grammar gets teen, young adult and adult students to take the unusual approach of visualising how each grammar point works before embarking on their practice activities. Each one-page unit contains a visual presentation of the grammar point, followed by a variety of different exercise types. The book also offers fully trackable extra material online for use at home or in the classroom as well as unique presentation software for use in class.

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Kid's Web accompanies children in all phases of their intellectual development, attending to their individual characteristics and offering them the possibility of learning a foreign language in a significant, fun and entertaining way.

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Sign Up to English is a three-level series (from beginner to pre-intermediate level) specially designed for teenagers studying English as a foreign language. Each lesson in this series provides real-life situations, engaging topics and contextualised activities to cater for the development and appropriation of the target language in a consistent and productive way.

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Our mission is to contribute to excellence in English language teaching worldwide through the publication of high quality materials in teacher-friendly formats and the provision of additional educational services relevant to local needs.

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